Contemporary  Original PhotoWatercolors available ready to frame in stock or custom sizes.
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A Photowatercolor is an original Painting, this is a process created by
Michel Ditlove, it is half photograph half painting.

The images start as a Black and White photograph which is processed in a manner that allows it to be transferred to Watercolor Paper. The resulting mage is then painted with Watercolors in the traditional manner.

The original can be color or black and white, the color is simply removed to create a black line/texture “sketch” that can be painted.

Because of the nature of watercolor paints which are transparent, the
photographic image emerges through the paint resulting in the unique
imagery, realism and perspective of Photography mixed with the
artfulness of Aquarelle painting.

It is painted on 100% rag paper with watercolors.

The standard image size for an original is 16”x 20” in a 24”x 28” archival white mat, ready for framing. Because these are hand painted, they are also available in custom sizes, please contact Michel Ditlove for details.

Photowatercolors are also available in limited edition Giclee Prints.

The print sizes are: 11”x 14” in a 16” x 20” mat and 16”x 20” in a 24”x 28” mat.

For questions or for information contact us at michel@ditlove.com
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